We take seriously the command of Jesus to make disciples. Check out our Discipleship Options to see how we are working to help disciples grow.

This sermon series will be an effort to help us realize just how important it is to not just know facts about God but to really truly know God. It will look at God's desire for us to know Him as well as His marvelous plan to reveal Himself to us. We will learn of some of His attributes and how we can grow as disciples in knowing Him.

Missions & Outreach We welcome opportunities to be involved in local outreach and global missions. Each month we go out into the streets of Harrisburg to hand out blankets, clothing, and food to the homeless of the city. We also contribute prayer, resources and people to missions efforts.

Searching for a church where people love God, love each other, and love their community? Welcome home to Compass Point.

What is a typical Compass Point Church service like? What should I wear? What programs does the church have for my kids? We have the answers for all your questions.